E-mail: abysslooker [at] rambler [dot] ru

Mobile phone: +7-921-935-666-5


The only official Blackdeath's page in social network services is TrueBlackdeath at Facebook
At Blackdeath's Bandcamp account you can listen to our music and order the merch
As well as at our SoundCloud account
At Blackdeath's YouTube account you can watch our videos
And in Blackdeath's Bigcartel store you can order some of our latest releases


If you hear that liberals claim us "nazi-band" or nazis claim us "liberal" band,
you should know that we're neither "nazi" nor "liberal" band.
We're Black Metal band because Blackdeath means Black Metal.
All these claimers are none other but victims of some our art-provocations,
for that we were inspired by mighty Laibach if you know who are they.
So don't give way to panic and wait for the Apocalypse. Ave!